The chain of supermarkets «Bizim Market» started its activity in 2006 with the branch "Inshaatchilar" in "Sheriffzade 154 A". Gaining the sympathy of buyers in a short time, the chain of supermarkets «Bizim Market» expanded the activity by increasing branches in different parts of Baku. Currently, there are 14 branches of the supermarket chain "Bizim Market"  at the disposal of buyers. From the very beginning of its activity, "High Level of Service" and "Affordable Price" were the main principles of the "Bizim Market" supermarket chain, while remaining loyal to these criterias nowdays.    

The strategic line of the chain of supermarkets «Bizim Market»   - Providing consumers with quality goods at affordable prices and high level of service to achieve a leading position among the trade companies of Azerbaijan  

Mission of the chain of supermarkets «Bizim Market»   - Guided by the principles of dynamism, innovation and individual approach to the needs of buyers to fully meet their needs   - Protect the interests of buyers, suppliers and employees  

Corporate values ​​of the chain of supermarkets «Bizim Market»  

Commitment to the cause. We are all committed to the common cause. We are trying to fulfill the mission of the network;  

Law-abiding. We comply with the norms and principles recognized by the international community, the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the internal standards of the network;  

Social justice. We try to adhere to the principles of social justice;  

Respect to the honor and dignity of the individual. Regardless of race, social status, social status and legal status, we respect the rights and freedoms of the individual. Protecting these principles and respect for them is our objective;  

Professionalism. We are constantly improving and striving for innovation. For more effective work of the network we are looking for better tools and opportunities;  

Corporatism. We build relationships with like-minded people on the principles of mutual understanding, trust, mutual assistance and corporate solidarity. We share our knowledge and experience with like-minded people;  

Sincerity. In relations with suppliers, customers and public authorities, we give preference to the principles of sincerity and transparency;  

Transparency. We set a goal to cover on the Internet and thereby bring to the stakeholders all that relates to the activities of the network  

Security. We take measures to prevent unlawful actions in relation to customers, employees, network management and  public authorities.  

Responsibility. We are accountable to the owner of the network with the results of the activity, to the customers – with the quality of service, to the society and the state – with respect for the rights and freedoms of the individual, to the economy of the country – with capital investments in the network;  

Innovation. We constantly make efforts to introduce innovative ideas aimed at protecting the interests of customers.    


Inshaatchilar Branch:          Yasamal district, Sharifzadeh street 154a

Radiozavod Branch:             Khatai district, Kh. Mammadov street 1c

Akhmedli Branch:                Khatai District, Sarajevo Street

Yeni Yasamal Branch:         Yasamal District, A.Ahmadov Street 19

Badamdar Branch:               Sabail district, Iskandarov street 4a

Mashin Bazari Branch :       Khatai district, Babek Avenue 52

Ayna Sultanova Branch:      Binagadi district, I.Pasha Dadashov street

Gunashli Branch:                  İnqilab Ismailov Street 5c

Khirdalan Branch:                27th Block, Galubia Street 3/14

Yeni Yasamal Branch 2:       New Yasamal, 45 Asad Ahmadov str

Surakhani Branch:                Bulbula settlement, S. Bahlulzadeh

Akhmedli 2 Branch:              Khatai district, Sarajevo street 23

Khazar Branch:                     Ganja avenue 105

Zabrat Branch:                      Sabunchu District, Neftchilar street 1a